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Monterey Diving Video – San Carlos Beach

San Carlos Beach – Monterey Diving Video


Combined video from a 70 foot dive and a dive near the Breakwater off of San Carlos Beach in Monterey California.

Good video taking you along diving in Monterey at the popular Breakwater area at San Carlos Beach.


Monterey Breakwater dive site

Monterey Diving at the Breakwater – Monterey, CA


Monterey Bay’s most popular dive site is called Breakwater. Scooter dive this popular dive site see the whole site in a few moments. — This is a quick clip from the Discover California DVD. Get the full DVD and Digital Dive guide CDROM at or your favorite retailer. The Discover California Diving DVD shares with you exciting new perspectives, compressing time, by flying over many of the dive sites on powerful underwater scooters.

Nice professionally done Video of diving in Monterey at the Breakwater at San Carlos Beach in Monterey, Ca


Carmel Mission

Carmel Mission Video Tour


Carmel Mission is the 2nd, of twenty one  missions located in California. Nice tour of the grounds, inside where people lived.

Nice Video tour of the Carmel Mission located in Carmel, CA on the Monterey Peninsula


Diving Cormorant at Monterey Bay Metridium Fields

On my second dive at San Carlos Beach in Monterey Bay, CA we went to the Metridium Fields and got dive-bombed by this Cormorant. This is at about 50′ deep.

Not every day you get to see a Cormorant diving under water – and be there right along with it in the Monterey Diving Experience!



Presidio Chapel of Monterey Video

Presidio Chapel of Monterey Video – also known as San Carlos Cathedral


Overview of the archaeology of the Royal Presidio Chapel of Monterey, California. Founded in 1770, the existing chapel has been re-christened the San Carlos Cathedral. Most “significant building” in early California.  Joint military and church project in 1770.

Video gives you a nice background of the archaeology of the San Carlos Cathedral. This one is mostly for history buffs!



Diving in Monterey

Video  Monterey Diving at San Carlos Beach in Monterey, CA


Here’s a video of Scott and I diving the Breakwater at San Carlos beach in Monterey .

Good video lots to see during this Monterey Diving Experience. You get an education with this one as everything is nicely labeled including Latin Names.