Garrapata State Park

Garrapata State Park & Beach

Location: 6.7 Miles south of Carmel on the Highway One Coastline.

Features: Garrapata has 3,000 acres in the park.  The rocky shoreline is spectacular. There are also redwood canyons, high mountains. There are a number of hiking trails, great area for wildlife viewing.  No camping. There are 19 Numbered Turn offs – Garrapata Beach – Gate 18 or 19, Scenic Overlook – Gate 17, Soberanes Point Trails – Gates 8, 9, or 10. Back country trails- these are on the east side of the highway away from the beach.  Rocky Ridge Trail – Gate 7 and Soberanes Canyon Trail – Gate 8.

Pets:  Only on Garrapata Beach on leash.

Warning: Extremely dangerous surf. Do not wade, swim in the water. Do not climb on the rocks. Stay on the trails – there are rattlesnakes, ticks and mountain lions in the area.

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