Whalers Cabin Museum

Whalers Cabin Museum at Whalers Cove at Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel, CA

Whalers Cabin Museum - Point Lobos






Early Dive Suit for Abalone Divers at Whalers Cabin MuseumThis small cabin museum is at Whalers Cove at Point Lobos. Park in the Whalers Cove parking lot and walk up the hill. This tiny cabin is packed with interesting displays. If you are a History Buff – don’t miss this. Cabin hours are from 9 to 5 and staffed by volunteer docents.

The Whalers Cabin was built in 1851 by Chinese fishermen and is on the historical registry. There were many industries that located in the cove other than Whaling.  In 1897 Gennosuke Kodani came from Japan to start an abalone fishing business. The old dive suit is one that was used at that time by Abalone Divers. Look for the pump in the museum. This was used to pump air down to the abalone diver. You had two men pumping air and 2 more teams ready to switch with them.

Abalone was not popular in California and the US at that time. Hard to image as it is such an expensive rare treat now days! People did not know how to cook it. It can be incredibly tough if not pounded and tenderized. There is a bench and mallet of the type used to tenderize it. Look for the photos of the mountains of abalone shells and the display of cans of abalone. Abalone was canned and dried in Whalers Cove and then shipped overseas.


Whaler Pots - Whalers Cabin Museum at Point Lobos Abalone Dive Boat Model at Whalers Cabine Museum
Whaling Implements at Whalers Cabin Museum Monterey Jack Cheese Production Display - Whalers Cabin Museum