Frog Pond Wetland Preserve




Frog Pond Wetland Preserve in Del Rey Oaks, Next Door to Monterey

This is just a tiny little spot – but very serene and one of the limited trails you can take your dog!  The trail is about 3/4 mile long, an easy walk. You can hear the traffic on Canyon Del Rey as you walk, but soon you just tune it out. Its a nice little oasis for birds and other wildlife – guess there are lots of frogs too!

It’s an easy spot to miss – entrance is right across from the corner of Canyon del Rey and Via Verde in the little town of Del Rey Oak, which is sandwiched in between Monterey and Seaside. There are a number of nice places to sit and just listen and enjoy and watch for birds and other wild life. This would be a good spot for any bird watcher. Not a lot of other people around. There is a very nice viewing deck with benches – a great place to bring a lunch and just sit quietly.  There is also a little surprise – a little grove of redwoods with a bench underneath.

Funny, I drove right by here often and never knew it was there. Know where I’m having lunch soon!

Frog Pond in Del Rey Oaks, CA Frog Pond Wetlands Preserve Near Monterey
Wetlands Preserve - Good Bird Watching Spot in Monterey Monterey Trail that allows dogs - Frog Pond Del Rey Oaks
Redwood Grove next to Monterey in Del Rey Oaks
Bird and Wild life viewing deck at Frog Pond in Del Rey Oaks