Where to find the animals on the Monterey Peninsula



Pebble Beach Golf Courses – Do they know to watch out for golf balls?
El Carmelo CemeteryWhere the Deer Hang OutLate evening is best for deer watching (Pacific Grove)


Sealions in Monterey





View the Sealions & Birds at end of the Monterey Coast Guard Pier – pier closes at dusk.
Bird Rock in Pebble Beach
Point Lobos – Sealion Point
Old Commercial Pier – Monterey

Harbor Seals

Point Lobos – Whalers Cove Beach – visit in April when the mothers are giving birth


Near the Commercial Pier – especially late afternoonsCute Otter Floating on it's Back
In the Harbor Area – Monterey
Point Lobos – Any cove area

Can’t get to the Monterey Peninsula yet? Then watch the Animal Videos below!


Monterey Bay Animals Videos Click on images)

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