Bird Watching Monterey Bay

Where are the best places to go Bird Watching in the Monterey area?
Anywhere near water especially! So along the coast, beach areas, small lakes. Monterey County is considered on the the most important sites in North America for birds.  With over 482 bird species sited in the Monterey County it is one of the top five bird watch destinations in North America. There have been 482 bird species that have been sighted in the Monterey County. Many birds spend the winter here.

If you can’t find enough in the wild – then visit the Pacific Grove Natural History Museum. They have a collection of 291 bird species including a California Condor.

Snowy White Egret Monterey Bay

Snowy White Egret Monterey Bay

Point Lobos, Carmel – Bird Watching – gulls, osyter catchers, brandt cormorants, pelagic cormorants, great blue herons, snowy white egrets, blue jays, owls, turkey buzzards,  osprey, Northern Saw Whet Owls (first time seen 2010)  and many more. Point Lobos is a reserve so the park is left in as natural a state as possible.

Best Birding Spot on the Monterey Peninsula! - Carmel River Beach & Lagoon

Birding Carmel River Beach

Carmel River Beach  – Part of the Central Coast Birding Trail. This is a Wetlands Natural Preserve and the Carmel River Lagoon is at the North end of the park.  This is a stop for migratory birds. This is one of the most important birding locations!


Laguna Grande Park, Seaside – Small fresh water lake with restored wetland area. Walking trail and viewing platforms.

Lake Paddon Park, Marina
– Small lake – gulls, ducks, geese and sometimes herons & egrets
Frog Pond Wetland Preserve in Del Rey Oaks – Just a little frog pond tucked away, short 3/4 mile trail, viewing spots.

Great Blue Heron Monterey, CA

Great Blue Heron Monterey, CA

Northern Saw Whet Owls at Point Lobos! They were first spotted in Point Lobos in 2010.



Moss Landing Wildlife Area

Monterey Birding Videos (Click to watch)

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Central Coast Birding Trail – Audubon Society

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