Spanish Bay Bagpipes

Spanish Bay Bagpipes at Sundown in Pebble Beach,  a bagpipe player walks through the dunes.
Sit and sip a drink, watch the sun go down over the beautiful Pebble Beach coastline  and listen to the haunting bagpipe music! No you are not hallucinating – that really is the sound of bagpipes drifting thru the air at Spanish Bay. What a great way to end the day! Get there early as it is often crowded. You can sit outside the Inn around one of the firepits on the deck. Or go to Roy’s (restaurant), get a reservation.  They play at sundown the same as they do in Scotland.

For some the bagpipes are a sad sound as there is a tradition of  bagpipes at Police and Firefighter funerals for a century plus! (Think World Trade Center).



Beautiful ocean sunset of Carmel, Ca